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Typology and Prophecy
→ Cycles → Manuscripts and Prints → Speculum humanae salvationis → Chapter 28: Christ entering Limbo
→ 28b: Three Hebrews in the fiery furnace protected by an angel
The Speculum: introduction - description - summary

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→ Original composition: Furnace seen from the front, large angel standing behind the Hebrews
→ Variant: Angel hovering above the Hebrews, inside or just outside the furnace
→ Variant: Angel hovering above the oven, pouring dew into the flames
→ Variant: Angel standing next to the furnace
→ Variant: Angel flies down towards the furnace
→ 54: A child with a cross-halo and two other children in the furnace
→ Variant: Christ and four, not three persons in the furnace
→ Variant: No angel present
→ Variant: Furnace not shaped like a baking oven
→ Variant: Nabuchodonosor standing next to the furnace