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Typology and Prophecy
→ Cycles → Manuscripts and Prints → Speculum humanae salvationis → Chapter 19: Buffeting of Christ
The Speculum: introduction - description - summary

→ 19a: Buffeting of Christ (Variants: Christ before Caiphas, Crowning with thorns, Mocking of Christ)
→ 19b: Hur, who refused to make the Golden Calf, is drowned in spittel (Variant: Buffeting of Christ)
→ 19c: Ham laughs over his father Noe who exposed himself in drunkenness, his brothers cover him
→ 19d: Samson, mocked by the Philistines, throws down the two pillars of the house, killing thousands of Philistines (Variant: Samson has his eyes put out)