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Typology and Prophecy
→ Cycles → Manuscripts and Prints → Speculum humanae salvationis → Chapter 19: Buffeting of Christ
→ 19b: Hur, who refused to make the Golden Calf, is drowned in spittel (Variant: Buffeting of Christ) → Variant: Hur crouching or lying on the floor
The Speculum: introduction - description - summary

Badische Landesbibliothek
Karlsruhe 3378, p. 60
mid 14th century
Bibliothèque nationale de France
fr. 400, fol. 11r
2nd half 14th century
London, British Library
Sloane MS 361, fol. 21v
1st half 15th century
Bibliothèque nationale de France
lat. 9585, fol. 24r
1st half 15th century
Vatican City,
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Pal. lat. 1806, fol. 20v
circa 1401 -1433
Spiegel menschlicher behaltnuss (GW M43046), No. 19b
circa 1476
Bibliothèque nationale de France
fr. 6275, fol. 20v
circa 1485
Das ist der spiegel menschlicher behaltnuß mit den Ewangelien und Epistelen durch das gancz Jar (GW M43005), fol. 92v
Colophon: Hye endet sich der spiegel menschlicher behaltnuß mitsampt den Ewangelien vnd Episteln durch das gancz jar (GW M43008), fol. 119r
Cest le mirouer de la redempcion humaine (GW M4304210), fol. m7r
circa 1493
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Vélins-906, fol. m7r
circa 1493 -1494