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Typology and Prophecy
→ Cycles → Manuscripts and Prints → Speculum humanae salvationis → Chapter 44: The Seven Sorrows of Mary
→ 44a: Vision of a Dominican of the Sufferings of Christ and of Mary → Variant: A Dominican with the wounds of nails at his hands and feet, and a sword piercing his breast
The Speculum: introduction - description - summary

Vatican City,
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Pal. lat. 413, fol. 48v
early 15th century
St Gall, Kantonsbibliothek
VadSlg Ms. 352,1-2, p. 89
circa 1440
Berlin, Kunstbibliothek
CD 1 R (formerly Lipp. 403), fol. 49v
circa 1450 -1460
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Cgm 1126, fol. 224v