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Typology and Prophecy
→ Types and Prophecies from the Old Testament → Judges
→ Jud. 3:17-22: Ehud (Aod) kills Eglon
→ Jud. 3:31: Samgar kills six-hundred Philistines with a ploughshare
→ Jud. 4:21: Jael drives a nail into Sisera's head
→ Jud. 6:11-13: An angel appears to Gideon
→ Jud. 6:37-40: Miracle of Gideon's fleece
→ Jud. 8:16: Gideon punishes the men of Succoth with thorns and briers
→ Jud. 9:53-54: Abimelech attacks the tower of Sichem, is wounded by a stone thrown down by a woman, and asks his armourbearer to kill him
→ Jud. 11:39: Jephte sacrifices his daughter
→ Jud. 13:3-5: Prophecy of the Birth of Samson
→ Jud. 13:24: Birth of Samson
→ Jud. 14:5-6: Samson kills the lion
→ Jud. 15:15: Samson kills thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass
→ Jud. 15:19: Aperuit Dominus molarem dentem asini in maxilla et egressae sunt ex eo aquae
→ Jud. 16:1: Samson staying with an harlot in Gaza
→ Jud. 16:3: Samson walks away with the gates of Gaza
→ Jud. 16:21: The Philistines put out Samson's eyes
→ Jud. 16:29-30: Samson is mocked by the Philistines and throws down the pillar of their house
→ Jud. 19:3-6: The Levite visits his father-in-law