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Typology and Prophecy
→ Types and Prophecies from the Old Testament → Cantica Canticorum
→ Cant. 1:3: Trahe me post te
→ Can.t 1:14: Ecce tu pulchra es amica mea
→ Cant. 2:3: Fructus eius dulcis gutturi meo
→ Cant. 2:8: Ecce iste venit saliens in montibus
→ Cant. 2:16: Dilectus meus mihi, et ego illi, qui pascitur inter lilia
→ Cant. 3:2: Bride searching for her beloved
→ Cant. 3:4: Bride finding her beloved
→ Cant. 3:11: Egredimini et videte, filiae Sion, regem Salomonem
→ Cant. 4:4: The Tower of David protected by a thousand bucklers
→ Cant. 4:7: The bride without a spot
→ Cant. 4:8: Veni coronaberis
→ Cant. 4:12: The bride as enclosed garden and sealed fountain
→ Cant. 5:2: Ego dormio, et cor meum vigilat
→ Cant. 5:7: Percusserunt me et vulneraverunt me
→ Cant. 6:9: Quae est ista quae progreditur quasi aurora consurgens
→ Cant. 8:9: Quae est ista quae ascendit de deserto