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Typology and Prophecy
→ Types and Prophecies from the Old Testament → Daniel
→ Dan. 2:34: Lapis abscisus est de monte sine manibus
→ Dan. 2:34: Nabuchodonosor dreams of a statue that is destroyed by a stone
→ Dan. 3:49-50: An angel protects the Hebrews in the fiery furnace
→ Dan. 3:91-92: Nabuchodonosor sees a man like the Son of God in the furnace
→ Dan. 4:7-14: Nabuchodonosor's dream of a large tree that is cut down, which foretells his temporary madness
→ Dan. 4:24: Daniel counsels the king to give alms
→ Dan. 5:13-28: Daniel reads the Writing on the Wall ('numbered, weighed, divided')
→ Dan. 6:16 and 14:30-31: Daniel in the lions' den
→ Dan. 6:19-22 and 14:39-40: Daniel is found alive in the lions' den
→ Dan. 9:26 (Vulgate): Post ebdomadas septuaginta duas occidetur Christus
→ Dan. 10:11: The man in linnen speaks to Daniel
→ Daniel 12:1: Et in tempore illo salvabitur populus tuus, omnis qui inventus fuerit scriptus in libro
→ Dan. 13:20-24: Susanna and the elders
→ Dan. 13:34-59: Susanna accused by the elders
→ Dan. 13:50: Daniel invited to judge over Susanna
→ Dan. 14:5-21: Daniel discovers the fraud of the priests of Bel (no specific episode)
→ Dan. 14:21: Daniel destroys the image of Bel
→ Dan. 14:26: Daniel kills the dragon
→ Dan. 14:28: The Babylonians demand the death of Daniel
→ Dan. 14:36-38: Daniel fed by Habacuc in the lions' den