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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Infancy of Christ → Betrothal of the Virgin Mary to Joseph
→ with Gen. 2:24: Propter hoc relinquet homo patrem et matrem et adhaerebit uxori suae
→ with Gen. 24:67: Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca
→ with 3 Kings 1:2: Quaeramus domino nostro adulescentulam virginem
→ with Tob. 7:15-16: Marriage of Tobias and Sara (SHS)
→ with Cant. 4:4: The Tower of David protected by a thousand bucklers (SHS)
→ with Isa. 62:5: Gaudebit sponsus super sponsam
→ with John 3:29: Qui habet sponsam sponsus est
→ with the tower Baris in Jerusalem that could be defended by two men against all enemies (SHS)
→ with 1 Cor. 7:38: Qui matrimonio iungit virginem suam bene facit et qui non iungit melius facit
→ with 2 Cor. 11:2: Despondi enim vos uni viro
→ with Ephes. 5:32: Sacramentum hoc magnum est
→ As model for the healing of the blind knight Gerardus through the intercession of St Francis (for unknown reasons)