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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Infancy of Christ → Annunciation
→ with Gen. 3:15: God putting enmity between the Serpent and Eve
→ with Gen. 18:9-15: Prophecy of the birth of Isaac
→ with Gen. 24:15-20: Rebecca gives water to Eliezer and his camels (SHS)
→ with Exod. 3:2-6: Moses and the burning bush (SHS)
→ with Jud. 6:37-40: Miracle of Gideon's fleece (BP, SHS)
→ with Jud. 13:3-5: Prophecy of the birth of Samson
→ with Psalm 44:11: Audi, Filia
→ with Psalm 71:6: Descendens sicut pluvia in vellus
→ with Isa. 7:14: Ecco virgo concipiet et pariet filium
→ with Isa. 11:6: Habitabit lupus cum agno, et pardus cum haedo accubabit; vitulus, et leo, et ovis, simul morabuntur, et puer parvulus minabit eos
→ with Jer. 31:22: Femina circumdabit virum
→ with Ez. 44:2: Porta haec clausa erit, non aperietur (BP)
→ with Mal. 3:11: Mal. 3:1: Ecce ego mittam angelum meum, et praeparabit viam ante faciem meam
→ with Rom. 1:3: Rom. 1:3: Factus est ei ex semine David secundum carnem
→ As model for St Francis's Dream of the heavenly Castle
→ with a group of Sibyls
→ with the Erythraean Sibyl