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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Infancy of Christ → Nativity
→ with Gen. 2:7: Creation of Adam
→ with Gen. 21:3: Birth of Isaac
→ with Gen. 40:9-15: Dream of Pharao's butler (SHS)
→ with Exod. 3:2-6: Moses and the burning bush (BP)
→ with Numbers 17:8-9: Aaron's rod (BP, SHS)
→ with Jud. 6:36-40: Gideon and the Fleece
→ with Jud. 13:24: Birth of Samson
→ with 1 Kings 2:6: Dominus mortificat et vivificat (referring perhaps to the whole life of Christ)
→ with Psalm 9
→ with Psalm 25:11: Ego autem in innocentia mea ingressus sum
→ with Psalm 84
→ with Psalm 86:5: Homo natus est in ea
→ with Psalm 97
→ with Isa. 7:14: Ecce virgo concipiet et pariet filium
→ with Isa. 9:6: Parvulus enim natus est nobis
→ with Isa. 66:7-8: Antequam veniret partus eius peperit masculum quis umquam audivit tale
→ with Jer. 31:22: Femina circumdabit virum
→ with Bar. 3:38: In terris visus est et cum hominibus conversatus est
→ with Dan. 2:34: Lapis abscisus est de monte sine manibus
→ with Ez. 44:1-3: Vision of the closed gate that shall only open for the prince
→ With Mich. 5:2: Et tu, Bethlehem
→ With Hab. 3:2: Domine, audivi auditionem tuam, et timui ... in medio animalium (BP)
→ with Zach. 6:12: Ecce vir oriens nomen eius et ipse portabit gloria
→ with Mal. 4:2: Et orietur vobis timentibus nomen meum sol justitiae
→ with Luke 2:34: Ecce positus est hic in ruinam, et in resurrectionem multorum
→ As model for St Francis reading the Christmas gospel and his vision of the Christ Child at Greccio
→ with Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl
→ with the Cuman Sibyl