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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Infancy of Christ → Adoration of the Magi
→ with Gen. 14:20: Abraham gives tithes to Melchisedech
→ with Gen. 42:6: Joseph sells corn to the Egyptians and to his brothers
→ with Num. 24:17: Orietur stella ex Jacob
→ with 2 Kings 3:20-21: Abner comes to David
→ with 2 Kings 23:14-17: The three strong men bring water to David (SHS)
→ with 3 Kings 10:1-3: Meeting of Solomon and the Queen of Saba (BP, SHS)
→ with 3 Kings 10:18-20: The Throne of Solomon (SHS)
→ with Psalm 71:10: Reges Tharsis et insulae munera offerunt
→ with Isa 2:2: Fluent ad eum omnes gentes, et ibunt populi multi
→ with Isa. 9:6: Parvulus enim natus est nobis
→ with Isa. 55:5: Ecce gentem quam nesciebas vocabis
→ with Isa. 60:6: Omnes de Saba venient, aurum et thus deferentes
→ with Isa. 60:14: Et adorabunt vestigia pedum tuorum
→ with Mich. 4:1-2: Fluent ad eum populi et properabunt gentes
→ with Zach. 8:22: Venient populi et gentes robuste ad quaerendum Dominum
→ with Rev. 4:10: Adorabant viventem in saecula saeculorum et mittebant coronas suas ante thronum
→ As model for St Francis receiving penitents, including St Clare, into his order