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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Infancy of Christ → Flight into Egypt
→ with Gen. 27:42-46: Rebecca counsels Isaac to escape from Esau's revenge
→ with the young Moses, having broken Pharao's crown, feigns madness by eating burning coals (Comestor, SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with 1 Kings 19:12: With Michol's help David escapes through the window
→ with Psalm 54:8: Ecce elongavi fugiens, et mansi in solitudine
→ with Isa. 19:1: Dominus ... ingredietur Aegyptum, et commovebuntur simulacra Aegypti
→ with Jer. 12:7: Reliqui domum meam
→ with Jeremias prophesying that the Egyptians will worship an image of a Virgin and a Child (non-biblical, SHS)
→ with Dan. 2:34: Nabuchodonosor dreams of a statue that is destroyed by a stone (SHS, few images only)
→ with Osee 5:6: Vadent ad quaerendum Dominum, et non invenient
→ with Osee 11:1: Ex Aegypto vocavi filium meum
→ with the European Sibyl