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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ
→ Christ's Passion in general
→ Entry into Jerusalem
→ Christ weeping over Jerusalem
→ Judas offers to betray Christ
→ Judas receives the thirty pieces of silver
→ Last Supper
→ Christ goes with Peter, James and John to Gethsemani
→ Agony in the Garden
→ The soldiers fall back
→ Betrayal of Christ
→ Judas hangs himself
→ Christ before Caiphas
→ Buffeting of Christ
→ Christ before Herod
→ Christ accused before Pilate
→ Flagellation of Christ
→ Crowning with thorns
→ Mocking of Christ
→ Ecce homo
→ Carrying of the Cross
→ Christ nailed to the Cross
→ Erection of the Cross
→ Crucifixion
→ The Cross (outside a narrative context)
→ Piercing of Christ's side
→ Deposition of Christ
→ Lamentation of Christ
→ Entombment of Christ