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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Crowning with thorns
→ with Gen. 9:21-23: The drunken Noah with his sons (BP, SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Hur, who refused to make the Golden Calf, being spat on by the Israelites until he drowns in spittel (Comestor, SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Jud. 16:21: The Philistines put out Samson's eyes (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with 2 Kings 10:4: King Hanon commands to cut the beards and clothes of David's ambassadors (SHS)
→ with 2 Kings 16:6-13: Semei throws stones at David, who does not allow Abisai to slay him (SHS)
→ with Bethsabee crowning Solomon (non-biblical)
→ with 4 Kings 2:23-24: The children of Bethel mock Eliseus and are killed by bears
→ with 3 Esdr. 4:30: Apamene takes the crown from the King's head (SHS)
→ with Psalm 21:8: Omnes videntes me deriserunt me
→ with Psalm 37:14: Ego tamquam surdus non audiebam et sicut mutus non aperiens os suum
→ with Prov. 4:9: Corona inclyta proteget te
→ with Prov. 19:29: Parata sunt derisoribus judicia, et mallei percutientes stultorum corporibus
→ with Ecclus 33:3: Accipias coronam et dignationem consequaris corrogationis
→ with Isa. 1:4: Blasphemaverunt Sanctum Israel
→ with Jer. 11:19: Mittamus lignum in panem ejus
→ with Lam. 3:14: Factus sum in derisum omni populo meo
→ with Zach 6:11: Facies coronas, et pones in capite Jesu
→ with Rev. 6:2: Data est ei corona, et exivit vincens
→ As model for Brother Pacificus sees St Francis signed with the letter Thau (for unknown reasons)