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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Passion of Christ → Lamentation of Christ
→ See also Deposition of Christ
→ with Adam and Eve lamenting Abel's death (non-biblical; SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Gen. 37:32-35: Joseph's brothers show his cloak to Jacob (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Ruth 1:5 (and 1:20): Noemi laments over the death of her husband and her sons (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Ruth 1:6-19: Noemi and Ruth leave Moab in mourning (SHS, few manuscripts only)
→ with Psalm 41:4: Fuerunt mihi lacrimae meae panes die ac nocte
→ with Isa. 33:7: Angeli pacis amare flebunt
→ with Jer. 6:26: Luctum unigeniti fac tibi planctum amarum
→ Lam. 2:13: Magna est enim velut mare contritio tua