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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for episodes from the Resurrection of Christ to the Coronation of the Virgin → Ascension of Christ
→ with Gen. 5:24: Ascension of Enoch (BP)
→ with Gen. 28:12-15: Jacob's dream of the ladder (SHS)
→ with Dtn. 32:11: Sicut aquila provocans ad volandum pullos suos ... assumpsit eum
→ with 4 Kings 2:11-12: Assumption of Elias (BP, SHS)
→ with 4 Kings 20:10-11: God shows that he has heard Ezechias's prayer by moving the shadow back
→ with Psalm 46:6: Ascendit deus in jubilo
→ with Cant. 2:8: Ecce iste venit saliens in montibus
→ with Isa. 63:1: Quis est iste, qui venit de Edom, tinctis vestibus de Bosra
→ with Mich. 2:13: Ascendet enim pandens iter ante eos
→ with Luke 15:4-6: Parable of the Shepherd returning with the lost sheep (SHS)
→ with the High Priest in the Holy of Holies