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Typology and Prophecy
→ Antitypes for eschatological scenes → Heaven
→ with Gen. 28:12-15: Jacob's dream of the ladder
→ with Josue 1:3: Omnem locum quem calcaverit vestigium pedis vestri vobis tradam
→ with 3 Kings 10:6-7: The Queen of Saba tells Solomon that his glory surpasses all she could have imagined (SHS)
→ with Tobias 11:11: Coeperunt ambo flere prae gaudio
→ with Esth. 1:3-8: Feast of King Assuerus (SHS)
→ with Job 1:4: Job's children feasting (SHS)
→ with Psalm 63:11: Laetabitur justus in Domino, et sperabit in eo; et laudabuntur omnes recti
→ with Isa. 66:10: Laetamini cum Jerusalem et exsultate in ea, omnes qui diligitis eam
→ with the Vision of a friar of the heavenly throne prepared for St Francis