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Emblems, imprese and devices - catalogue
→ Land and Sea → Globe
→ Being trampled on
→ Bound with a rope that is unpicked by an eagle
→ Broken by a cross, with a skeleton falling out of it
→ Celestial globe outweighing terrestial globe
→ Chained by death and devil
→ Constrasting with Church
→ Cornucopia going out from it
→ Crowned by cross
→ Divided by zodiac into heavenly and earthly sphere
→ Eagle on globe
→ Heart chained to it
→ Heart formerly chained to it breaking loose
→ Held by lion
→ Held by lion and capricorn
→ Rudder leaning on it
→ Set on fire
→ Surrounded by chain of burning hearts
→ Surrounded by ring, with crown and moon
→ Thrown down
→ Weighed against monogram of the Virgin Mary, is lighter than it
→ With Sun in Libra above