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Emblems, imprese and devices - catalogue
→ Heart → Not Winged
→ As bait for angling (or being caught by an angler)
→ As padlock
→ Burning
→ Chained to a globe and a tower
→ Containing the Christ Child
→ Cross atop of it
→ Crowned
→ Emitting rays of light
→ Emitting steam, arrows and keys
→ Encased and wounded by the nails of the cross
→ In printing press
→ In shell, with a cross, lit by the Trinity
→ Multiple hearts chained around globe
→ Nourished by the Hearts of Christ (blood) and of Mary (milk)
→ Offered to heaven
→ Pierced with nail and surrounded with crown of thorns
→ Protected by cross from thunderbolt
→ Rising out of a fire
→ Two hearts pierced by the same arrow
→ Weeping
→ With symbol of the Trinity