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Emblems, imprese and devices - catalogue
→ Insignia and Jewels → Crown (generic)
→ Crown abandoned on a tree
→ Crown alone
→ Crown and Crown of Thorns
→ Crown and laurel wreath or branches
→ Crown and papal crown
→ Crown and sceptre
→ Crown on animal
→ Crown on heart
→ Crown on helmet
→ Crown on moon
→ Crown on portcullis
→ Crown on ring surrounding globe, next to moon
→ Crown on star
→ Crowns crushed by feet
→ Crowns crushed by horse
→ Crowns held by angel (apparently)
→ Crowns poured out at someone's feet
→ Crowns with Cornucopia
→ Crowns with other insignia
→ Heavenly Crown
→ Imperial crown
→ Miscellaneous
→ Seven crowns surmounted by an eighth