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→ Munich → Frauenkirche (Cathedral)
→ High Altar (dismantled)
→ Choir stalls
→ so-called Memminger Altar (dismantled, back of choir screens)
→ Chapel I (Chapel of Our Lady of Altötting)
→ Chapel nII (Chapel of St Michael and Sebastian)
→ Bay nIII
→ Chapel nIV (Chapel of SS Anne and George)
→ Chapel nV (Chapel of St Catherine)
→ Bay nVI (Entrance to the Sacristy)
→ Bay nVII
→ Chapel nVIII (Chapel of the Sorrows of Our Lady)
→ Chapel nIX (Chapel of St Blaise and the Holy Innocents)
→ Chapel nX (Chapel of St Corbinian)
→ Chapel nXI (Chapel of the Magi)
→ Chapel nXIII (Tulbeck Chapel)
→ Chapel sII (Chapel of the Presentation of Our Lady)
→ Chapel sIII (Chapel of St Rupert)
→ Chapel sIV (Chapel of St John Nepomuk)
→ Chapel sV (Chapel of St Benno)
→ Chapel sVI (Baptistery)
→ Chapel sVIII (Chapel of the Nativity)
→ Chapel sIX (Chapel of SS George and Margaret)
→ Chapel sX (Chapel of the Annunciation)
→ Chapel sXI (Chapel of St Bartholomew)
→ Nave - Ligsalz Epitaph
→ West part of the nave - tombs
→ Ante-Chapel