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Religious Iconography
→ Buddhism → Gautama Buddha → Lives of the Buddha → After the enlightenment
→ The Naga Muchalinda protects the Buddha from the elements
→ The presentation of the bowls
→ The offering of the two merchants
→ The offering of honey by monkeys
→ The offering of the garment of rags
→ Indra and Brahma entreat the Buddha to preach
→ The reception of the Buddha by the hermits in the deer park
→ The rejection of Brahmanical teaching
→ The sermon in the deer park
→ The descent of the Buddha from the Trayastrimsa Heaven
→ The visit of Indra to the Indrasaila cave
→ The ordination of Rahula
→ The ordination of Nanda
→ Invitation of Srigupta
→ The conversion of Angulimala
→ The conversion of Kashyapa
→ The conversion of the Yaksha Atavika
→ The white dog barks at the Buddha
→ The submission of the Naga Apalala
→ The Naga Elapatra
→ Jyotishka is rescued from the fire
→ The boy tied to the tree
→ The nursling of the dead woman
→ The miracle of Sravasti
→ The visit to Kapilavastu
→ A bull licks the Buddha's feet
→ Amrapali presents her mango grove to the Buddha
→ The entry into Rajagriha
→ Makandika offers his daughter to the Buddha
→ The Buddha's attendant, Ananda
→ Devadatta's attempts to kill the Buddha
→ Death of the Buddha (Mahaparinirvana)
→ The Buddha's coffin
→ The cremation of the Buddha
→ The division of the relics by Drona the Brahmin
→ The guarding of the relics
→ The transport of the relics
→ The enshrinement of the relics