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Alcyone and Ceyx
→ Ceyx and Alcyone as lovers
→ Ceyx enters the ship
→ Alcyone asks Juno for a safe return of her husband
→ Shipwreck of Ceyx
→ Alcyone waits for Ceyx
→ Juno sends Iris as a rainbow down to the House of Sleep
→ Iris visiting the House of Sleep
→ The god of Sleep talks to Morpheus
→ Morpheus appears to Alcyone in the form of Ceyx
→ Ceyx's body is washed ashore
→ Ceyx mourns Alcyone
→ Alcyone drowns herself
→ Ceyx and Alcyone are turned into kingfishers
→ Aeolus stills the winds to allow the kingfishers to breed
→ Miscellaneous