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Historia Troiana
→ Events before the Trojan War
→ The marriage of Peleus and Thetis
→ Priam and Hecuba are told of the destruction of Troy
→ Priam and Hecuba return to Troy
→ The rebuilding of Troy
→ Troy rebuilt
→ Paris on Mount Ida
→ Paris returns to Troy for his funerary games
→ Antenor's mission to Greece to free Hesione
→ The judgement of Paris
→ Paris's mission to Greece
→ The rape of Helen
→ The Greeks prepare for war
→ The Trojans prepare for war
→ The Greeks travel to Troy
→ Agamemnon sends Ulysses and Diomedes to enquire about receiving Helen back
→ Ulysses and Diomedes demand the return of Helen, Priam refuses
→ Ulysses and Diomedes return to the Greek camp
→ Greek war councils and assemblies
→ Rumours of the second Greek attack