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Historia Troiana
→ Events before the Trojan War → The rape of Helen
→ Paris at Sparta, with Menelaus and Helen
→ Paris at Sparta, only with Helen
→ Paris in Cythrea, before and after meeting Helen
→ Helen in Cythrea, before meeting Paris
→ Paris and Helen meet in the temple of Venus
→ Paris in Cythrea, after having met Helen
→ Paris and his companions before the rape of Helen
→ Rape of Helen
→ Aneas assisting Paris in the rape of Helen
→ Helen mourns her fate
→ Paris and Helen travel to Troy
→ Paris and Helen welcomed to Troy
→ Cassandra predicting disaster at Helen's arrival in Troy
→ Hector scolds Paris over the rape of Helen
→ Helen at Priam's court
→ Paris and Helen as lovers
→ Wedding of Paris and Helen
→ Cassandra predicts the destruction of Troy at the wedding of Paris and Helen
→ Priam imprisoning Cassandra because of her negative predictions
→ Andromache urges Helen to leave the bed of Paris