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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes
→ Council of the Gods
→ Agamemnon and Chryseis
→ Achilles and Agamemnon clash over Briseis
→ Ulysses and Diomedes question and kill Dolon
→ Death of Cygnus (son of Aurora)
→ Death of Protesilaus
→ The portent of the snake and eagle
→ Single combat of Hector and Ajax
→ Hector tries to set the Greek ships on fire
→ Achilles arming Patroclus
→ Death of Patroclus
→ Capture of Thoas by Deiphobus and Antenor
→ Diomedes fights and kills the Centaur
→ Briseide and Thoas are exchanged for Antenor
→ Troilus and Cressida
→ Parlay of Hector and Achilles
→ Death of Hector
→ Priam joins the battle to avenge Hector
→ Achilles and Polyxena
→ Palamedes challenges Agamemnon for the leadership
→ Death of Deiphobus
→ Palamedes is mourned
→ Troilus and the Trojans set fire to the Greek ships
→ Death of Diomedes, Briseide at his deathbed
→ Agamemnon is re-elected leader
→ Death of Memnon
→ Death of Troilus
→ Death of Achilles
→ The fate of the arms of Achilles
→ Death of Paris
→ Neoptolemus summoned to lead the Mirmidons
→ The Amazons join the Trojans
→ Antenor and Aeneas sue for peace
→ The theft of the Palladium
→ Threatening portents in Troy
→ Philoctetes recovered by the Greeks and brought to Troy
→ The Trojan Horse
→ The sack of Troy
→ Ulysses and Ajax Telamon fight over the Palladium
→ Ulysses slanders Palamedes
→ The Greeks celebrate their victory
→ The departure of the Greeks
→ Nauplius sinks the Greek ships
→ Greek ships encounter a storm on their way home
→ Destruction of the Greek fortifications by rivers and gods