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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes → Death of Hector
→ Cassandra predicts the death of Hector
→ Andromache's dream predicting the death of Hector
→ Andromache urges Hector not to fight Achilles
→ Priam forbidding Hector to go to battle
→ Hector taking leave of his family before the battle
→ Priam attempting to join Hector in battle
→ Hector joining his final battle
→ Achilles and Hector in battle
→ Achilles kills Hector in single combat
→ Achilles kills Hector in battle
→ Achilles kills Hector as he strips the slain Polybetes of his armour
→ Achilles dragging the corpse of Hector
→ Achilles with the dead Hector
→ Andromache fainting at the sight of Hector's death
→ Achilles places the body of Hector next to that of Patroclus
→ Priam pleads with Achilles to release the body of Hector
→ Achilles recovering in his tent after having killed Hector
→ Mourning of Hector
→ Hector is prepared for burial
→ Funeral of Hector
→ Hector's corpse on the pyre
→ Hector's shrine