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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes → The Trojan Horse
→ Single figure
→ Calchas conceiving of the horse
→ Building of the horse
→ The Greeks enter the horse
→ The Greeks pretend to ratify the peace
→ The Greeks pretend to leave Troy
→ Sinon dragged into Troy as a prisoner
→ Sinon lies to Priam about the departure of the Greeks
→ Sinon signalling to the Greeks
→ Cassandra warns against the horse
→ Laocoön warns against the horse
→ Laocoon attempts to attack the snakes
→ Laocoön killed by snakes
→ The Trojans breech the city wall to allow the horse to enter
→ The Trojans pull the horse into the city
→ The horse in the city
→ The Greeks alight from the horse
→ In emblems
→ In Vergil's Aeneid