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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes → The sack of Troy
→ Cycles
→ Aeneas and Antenor signal the Greeks that they can enter Troy
→ The Greeks enter the city
→ Priam and his family taken prisoner
→ Hecuba asking Aeneas to hide Polyxena
→ Aeneas talking to Agamemnon
→ Death of Astyanax
→ Androgeus killed by Aeneas
→ Priam killed by Neoptolemus
→ Sacrifice of Polyxena
→ Death of Polydorus
→ Hecuba mourning Polydorus
→ Hecuba blinding Polymestor
→ Trojan women taken prisoner
→ Trojan women mourning
→ Miscellaneous