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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes → The sack of Troy → Sacrifice of Polyxena
→ Hecuba entrusts Polyxena to Antenor, who delivers her to Neoptolemus
→ Polyxena entrusted to Aeneas at the sack of Troy
→ Polyxena taken by Neoptolemus
→ Polyxena brought to Agamemnon
→ Polyxena taken to Neoptolemus
→ The ghost of Achilles demands that Polyxena be sacrificed
→ Calchas foresees the wrath of Achilles and urges the sacrifice take place
→ Neoptolemus sacrificing Polyxena at Achilles's tomb
→ Neoptolemus chopping Polyxena into pieces
→ Hecuba mourning Polyxena
→ Hecuba finds the body of Polydorus while washing Polyxena's body