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Historia Troiana
→ The War of Troy → Main episodes → The Amazons join the Trojans
→ Penthesilea and the Amazons before leaving for Troy
→ Amazons arriving at Troy
→ Priam welcoming Penthesilea
→ Penthesilea offering help to Paris and Helen
→ Penthesilea and the Amazons fighting the Greeks
→ Penthesilea fighting Neoptolemus in battle
→ The wounded Penthesilea with Diomedes and Ulysses
→ Penthesilea killed by Achilles
→ Penthesilea killed by Neoptolemus in battle
→ Penthesilea killed in battle
→ Penthesilea's body thrown in to the sea
→ Penthesilea's body thrown into the River Scamander by Diomedes
→ The Amazons leave Troy with Penthesilea's body