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Argonauts, Jason and Medea
→ Census of ancient art known to the Renaissance → Known prototypes
→ Ancona, Museo Nazionale Archeologico (Medea Sarcophagus, formerly Rome, Stamperia Reale)
→ Berlin, Antikensammlung, inv. SK 925 (Relief with Medea and the Peliades)
→ Mantua, Palazzo Ducale, Medea Sarcophagus
→ Paris, Louvre, MA 283 (Medea Sarcophagus)
→ Paris, Louvre, MA 410 (Jason Sarcophagus)
→ Rome, Museo Nazionale Palazzo Altemps, inv. 8647 (Jason Sarcophagus)
→ Turin, Museo Archeologico (Medea Sarcophagus)
→ Vatican City, Casino of Pius IV