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→ Florence, Giardino di Boboli (Seated Muse with Kythara)
→ Florence, Giardino di Boboli (Seated Muse)
→ Florence, Giardino di Boboli (Standing Muse holding object)
→ Florence, Giardino di Boboli (Standing Muse)
→ Florence, Uffizi (Standing Muse holding up drapery)
→ Florence, Uffizi (Standing Muse)
→ Florence, Uffizi (Terpsichore)
→ Liverpool, Museum (Anchirroe, Muse)
→ Madrid, Prado
→ Mantua, Palazzo Ducale (probably a misunderstood Proserpina)
→ Munich, Glyptothek
→ Munich, Glyptothek, cat. 1900, no. 266 (so-called Clio)
→ Naples, Museo Nazionale, inv. 6396 (so-called Euterpe)
→ Naples, Museo Nazionale, inv. 6399
→ Naples, Museo Nazionale, inv. 6403
→ Paris, Louvre, inv. 386 (so-called Melpomene)
→ Rome, Musei Capitolini ('Juno Lucina', 'Calliope')
→ Rome, Musei Capitolini, Scala II, 16
→ Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Museo delle Terme
→ Stockholm, Nationalmuseet (so-called Thalia)
→ Vatican City, Musei Vaticani (Polyhymnia)
→ Vatican City, Museo Chiaramonti (Urania)
→ Vatican City, Sala a Croce Greca (single figure)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico, inv. 53