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Cephalus and Procris
→ Cycles
→ Single figures
→ Cephalus arriving at Oenopia is greeted by king Aeacus
→ Aurora tries to seduce Cephalus
→ Cephalus, disguised, seduces Procris
→ Cephalus burying and digging for treasure
→ Procris' prayer to Diana
→ Diana gives the dog and the spear to Procris
→ Procris gives the spear and the dog to Cephalus
→ Cephalus and Procris as hunters
→ Cephalus and the nymphs
→ Cephalus kills Procris
→ The despair of Cephalus
→ Cephalus and Pan at the Temple of Diana
→ Adaptations
→ Miscellaneous