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→ Myths
→ Callisto joins Diana's nymphs
→ Jupiter notices Callisto
→ Jupiter notices sleeping Callisto
→ Jupiter, disguised as Diana, raping Callisto
→ Jupiter kissing Callisto
→ Callisto trying to hide her pregnancy
→ Callisto's pregnancy discovered by Diana
→ Callisto gives birth to Arcas
→ The young Arcas is given to the care of Mercury and Maia
→ Juno frapping Callisto
→ Juno turns Callisto into a bear
→ Juno shows Callisto to Diana
→ Callisto lamenting her fate
→ Jupiter stops Arcas from killing Callisto, who is transformed into a bear
→ Callisto transformed into a bear threatens some men
→ Callsito and Arcas as bears are threatened by a wolf
→ Callisto as a bear
→ Callisto killed by Arcas
→ Callisto and Arcas transferred to the stars
→ Juno complains to Oceanus and Thetis
→ Adaptations
→ Miscellaneous