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→ Io, Argus and Mercury
→ Io studying and teaching
→ Io trying to escape from Jupiter
→ Io and Jupiter
→ Rape of Io (Jupiter in a cloud)
→ Io transformed into a cow, Juno approaching
→ Io transformed into a cow, Jupiter presenting her to Juno
→ Io transformed into cow, Juno commands the gadfly to torment her
→ Io transformed into a cow, her father Inachus lamenting
→ Io transformed into a cow, Juno ordering Argus to guard her
→ Io as a cow
→ Argus guarding Io
→ Jupiter ordering Mercury to kill Argus
→ Mercury conversing with Argus
→ Mercury lulling Argus to sleep
→ Argus asleep, Mercury drawing his sword
→ Mercury killing Argus
→ Dead Argus with the cows
→ Mercury with the dead Argus
→ Mercury leaving as Juno arrives
→ Mercury driving the cow Io away
→ Juno placing the eyes of Argus on the peacock's tail
→ Io begs for mercy and is returned to human shape
→ Io arriving in Egypt
→ Isis-Io as Queen over Egypt
→ Io transformed into a star