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→ Cycles
→ Kachrylion painter, hydria, Museo Archeologico, Florence
→ Onesimos, kylix, Museo Archeologico, Florence
→ Metopes from the Treasury of the Athenians, Archaeological Museum, Delphi
→ Douris, kylix, British Museum, London
→ Codrus painter, kylices, British Museum, London and Bibliothèque nationale, Paris
→ Ancient Roman sarcophagus, Metropolitan Museum, New York
→ Ancient Roman sarcophagus, Cliveden House, Taplow
→ Master of the Campana Cassoni, cassone panels, Musée du Petit Palais, Avignon
→ Follower of Uccello, cassone panels, Kress Collection, Seattle
→ Francesco de Mura, ceiling decorations and studies, Palazzo Reale and private collection, Turin