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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Unknown or lost prototypes
→ Venus Anadyomene (draped, unidentified)
→ Venus Anadyomene (unidentified, intended for Stufetta of Cardinal Bibiena)
→ Venus crouching (left arm raised)
→ Venus crouching (Mellini collection)
→ Venus crouching (unidentified torso)
→ Venus drawn by Jacopo Strada (two different models)
→ Venus Pudica
→ Venus Pudica (copy in the Rockefeller collection)
→ Venus Pudica (House of Constantino Grassi)
→ Venus Pudica (Naples, collection of Adriano Spatafora)
→ Venus Pudica (torso, coll. Ciampolini)
→ Venus Pudica (torso, not identified)
→ Venus standing (Arles type)
→ Venus standing (Granvella Venus)
→ Venus standing (nude, Venus Pselioumene, known in Raphael's circle)
→ Venus standing (nude, with drapery)
→ Venus standing (undraped, arms missing, unidentified)
→ Venus standing (undraped, drawn from behind, unidentified, possibly not after a classical model)
→ Venus standing (Venus Cypria, Ceroli-Borghese Collections)
→ Venus tying her sandal (fragment, unidentified)
→ Venus tying her sandal (small bronzes)