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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Unknown or lost prototypes
→ Hercules and the Nemean Lion (Petrus sculptor)
→ Hercules dressed as a woman
→ Hercules Epitrapezios (cast in Paris)
→ Hercules Mingens
→ Hercules Musagetes (cameo, formerly Paris, Coll. Roger)
→ Hercules Sarcophagus (fomerly Rome, Orti Farnesiani, Torre Cartularia)
→ Hercules standing (Rome, in the 16th century called Domitian)
→ Hercules standing cross-legged, leaning on club
→ Hercules strangling serpents (Rome, Palazzo Fusconi-Pighini)
→ Hercules with lion's skin over his head (Hercules Ciampolini)
→ Hercules with the dragon of the Hesperides (perhaps formerly Rome, Palazzo Altemps)
→ Hercules with two Amoretti (gem, formerly Marlborough Collection)
→ Herm (in the 15th and 16th centuries in Rome, Astalli and Benzoni Collections)
→ Lares Altar (formerly Rome, Roma, House of Metello Varo Porcari)
→ Relief with Hercules and the Cretan Bull
→ Sarcophagus with Hercules and Cerberus