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→ Myths → Loves → Dejanira
→ Cycles
→ Hercules greeted by Dejanira and her father Oenus
→ Hercules and Dejanira as a couple
→ Dejanira and the centaur Eurytion
→ Hercules fighting with Achelous for Dejanira
→ Hercules gaining Dejanira after Achelous' defeat
→ Hercules marrying Dejanira
→ Hercules taking leave from Dejanira to fight Geryon
→ Nessus offering to carry Dejanira across the river
→ Nessus taking Dejanira by force
→ Dejanira carried off by Nessus
→ Hercules fighting Nessus
→ Nessus giving the poisoned shirt to Dejanira
→ Hercules and Dejanira reunited (Nessus dying or dead)
→ Dejanira committing suicide
→ Miscellaneous