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Historia Thebana
→ The war between Eteocles and Polyneices and the Seven against Thebes
→ Themis foresees the war between Eteocles and Polyneices
→ Life of the Heroes before the war against Thebes
→ Polyneices and Eteocles agree that each shall reign for a year, with the other living in exile for this time
→ According to the agreement, Polyneices goes into exile
→ Polyneices suffers under the bad weather
→ Polyneices finds Tydeus sleeping in the only covered place outside Argos
→ Adrastus is woken up by the fight between Polyneices and Tydeus
→ Adrastus separates Tydeus and Polyneices
→ Adrastus invites Polyneices and Tydeus to Argos
→ Adrastus introduces Polyneices and Tydeus to his daughters Argia and Deipyle
→ Tydeus, as emissary of Polyneices, commands Eteocles to relinquish the throne after the end of the year
→ Tydeus, on his way back from Thebes, is ambushed by the men of Eteocles and kills most of them
→ After escaping form the ambush, Tydeus meets Hypsipyle, daughter of King Lycurgus
→ Eteocles kills the messenger informing him about the escape of Tydeus
→ Adrastus summons his allies to attack Thebes
→ The seer Amphiaraus warns against attacking Thebes
→ Polyneices bribes Eriphyle to persuade Amphiaraus to take part in the war against Thebes
→ Amphiaraus' hiding place is discovered by Polynices
→ Eriphyle leads Amphiaraus out of his hiding place
→ Amphiaraus sets out to attack Thebes
→ The Argives ride to attack Thebes
→ Overcome by thirst, the Argives throw themselves naked into the grass and chew on their lances
→ Tydeus and Capaneus meet the woman who guards the son of King Lycurgus
→ Lycurgus travels to meet Adrastus
→ The son of King Lycurgus is killed by a dragon
→ Lycurgus and his queen mourn for their son, whilst the Argives defend the woman guarding him
→ Parthenopaeus kills the dragon who had killed the son of King Lycurgus
→ Jocasta speaks in vain to Adrastus to prevent the war
→ Jocasta leaves the camp to report to Eteocles in Thebes
→ The Seven arrive at Thebes, Jocasta and Antigone sue for peace
→ Aconteus kills the tame tigers of Bacchus that had been stirred up by the furies to attack the Argives
→ The Thebans attack the esquires of the Argives
→ The esquires of the Argives return into their camp
→ Amphiaraus drives in his chariot into Hades
→ Fulfilling Tiresias's prophecy Menoecus kills himself to secure the Theban victory
→ The messenger summons Antigone and Jocasta to the fight between Eteocles and Polyneices
→ Eteocles and Polyneices kill each other in fight
→ Mourning for Eteocles and Polyneices
→ Evadne jumps in the funeral pyre of her husband Capaneus
→ Famine in Thebes
→ Battle scenes (generic)
→ Miscellaneous