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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Known prototypes → Statues and torsos
→ Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (statue)
→ Florence, Boboli Gardens (torso)
→ Florence, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (olim Uffizi, inv. 1009)
→ Florence, Uffizi (group)
→ formerly Florence, Uffizi (destroyed by fire in 1762)
→ Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale
→ Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (group) (inv. 6307)
→ Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano
→ Seville, Palacio de las DueƱas (torso)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico (group)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico (statuette of Bacchus)
→ Venice, Museo Archeologico (statuette of young Bacchus)
→ Versailles, Palace (inv. Louvre)