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→ Census of Antique Art known to the Renaissance → Unknown or lost prototypes
→ Miscellaneous
→ Bacchanal (New York, Morgan Museum and Library)
→ Bacchic dance (formerly Rome, Villa Borghese)
→ Bacchic dancers (triangular candelabrum base perhaps from Rome, Palazzo dei Conservatori)
→ Bacchic dancers at an altar (formerly at San Secondo, Amelia)
→ Bacchic Relief (formerly Rome, S. Maria in Monterone)
→ Bacchic Sacrifice (Roma, Villa Medici)
→ Bacchic scenes (perhaps from Villa Aldobrandini)
→ Bacchus and Ariadne (formerly Rome, St Peter's)
→ Bacchus with Satyr (untraced)
→ Bachus finding Ariadne (formerly Rome, Palazzo Mattei)
→ Cameo with rustic symposium (formerly Beverley collection)
→ Fragment with two figures (Codex Coburgensis)
→ Fragment with wine harvest (Codex Pighianus)
→ Procession (Codex Coburgensis etc.)
→ Procession (New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art)
→ Satyr and nymphs (Franco engraving)
→ Statue of Bacchus (Cherchell Museum)
→ Statue of Bacchus (formerly Florence, Palazzo Altoviti)
→ Statue of Bacchus (formerly Vatican City, Belvedere)
→ Statue of Bacchus (playing with panther)
→ Torso restored as Bacchus (Rome, Villa Borghese)
→ Triumph (formerly Rome, Palazzo Mattei)
→ Young satyr supporting an older one (formerly Rome, Palazzo Albani)