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→ Cyrus II of Persia
→ Astyages dreams that the child with which his daughter is pregnant will destroy his empire
→ Birth
→ The newborn Cyrus is presented to his grandfather Astyages
→ Astyages commands Harpages to kill Cyrus
→ Harpages exposes Cyrus in the wilderness instead of killing him
→ Cyrus is fed by a bitch
→ The shepherd Mitradates entrusts Cyrus to his wife Spaco
→ As a child, Cyrus is crowned king in secret
→ Cyrus, living incognito, beats the son of the nobleman Artembares
→ Artembares and his son complain to Astyages
→ Astyages summons Mitradates and his supposed son, whom he recognises as his supposedly killed grandson Cyrus
→ In revenge, Astyages kills the son of Harpages and feeds him to his father
→ Cyrus is re-united with his father Cambyses
→ Cyrus commands to imprison the defeated Astyages
→ Taking Croesus prisoner