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→ Statius → Thebaid
→ Cycles
→ Book I: Oedipus curses Eteocles and Polynices, Polynices and Tydeus meet Adrastus in Argos
→ Book II: Laius's shadow instructs Eteocles not to yield the throne to Polyneices, Polyneices and Tydeus marry Adrastus's daughters, Polyneices sends Tydeus to Thebes to claim the throne for him
→ Book III: The Thebans bury the dead, Polyneices and Adrastus, stirred up by Mars, declare war against Thebes
→ Book IV: Muster of the Argives and their allies, the Thebans conjure the Spirit of Laius, March of the Argives through Nemea where they find Hypsipyle
→ Book V: Hypsipyle tells about her life with the men-slaying women of Lemnos, Death of Opheltes
→ Book VI: Establishment of the Nemean Games in honour of Opheltes
→ Book VII: The Argives leave Nemea and approach Thebes, first battles
→ Book VIII: Continuation of the battle: Atys is killed, Tydeus is wounded and kills Melanippus
→ Book IX: Continuation of the Battle: Hippomenes rescues the body of Tydeus and dies, as do Hypsaeus and Parthenopaeus
→ Book X: In the night after the battle the Argives attack the sleeping Thebans in their camp, battle at the walls of Thebes
→ Book XI: Single combat between Eteocles and Polyneices
→ Book XII: Creon forbids the burial of the Argives, their widows ask Theseus for help who kills Creon