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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book I: Oedipus curses Eteocles and Polynices, Polynices and Tydeus meet Adrastus in Argos
→ vv. 17-31: Statius dedicates his poem to Domitian
→ vv. 46-87: Oedipus, having put out his eyes, curses Eteocles and Polyneices
→ vv. 88-91: Tisiphone, watering her snakes in Cocytus, hears Oedipus's curse
→ vv. 94-96: Tisiphone leaves Hades for Thebes
→ vv. 164-196: For a year, Eteocles is King, Polyneices in exile, the Thebans lament that the hostile brothers must swap their roles annually
→ vv. 197-213: Jupiter summons a council of the gods
→ vv. 248-282: After Jupiter has ordered that a war take place between Thebes and Argos to punish both cities, Juno begs that Argos be spared
→ vv. 293-302: Jupiter commands Mercury to summon King Laius from the entrance of Hades
→ vv. 312-335: In exile, Eteocles travels towards Argos
→ vv. 408-430: Polyneices and Tydeus fight outside Argos
→ vv. 431-446: King Adrastus interrupts the fight
→ vv. 539-540: Adrastus invites Polyneices and Tydeus to a banquet that also his daughters attend
→ vv. 596-604: Apollo, furious about the death of his lover and their child, sends a child-devouring monster to Argos
→ vv. 605-619: Coroebus kills the monster
→ vv. 620-623: The inhabitants of Argos avenge their children by dismembering the dead monster
→ vv. 669-695: Prompted by Adrastus, Polyneices reveals his identity