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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book II: Laius's shadow instructs Eteocles not to yield the throne to Polyneices, Polyneices and Tydeus marry Adrastus's daughters, Polyneices sends Tydeus to Thebes to claim the throne for him
→ vv. 7-57: Laius, guided by Mercury, leaves the underworld to go to Thebes
→ vv. 94-119: Laius appears to Eteocles in the guise of Tiresias, admonishes him not to yield the throne to Polyneices, as had been agreed, after the year was over
→ vv. 145-148: Adrastus contemplates marrying his daughters Argia and Deipyle to Polyneices and Tydeus
→ vv. 213-225: Crowds attend the wedding of Polyneices and Tydeus with Argia and Deipyle
→ vv. 256-261: When the wedding parties approach the temple of Minerva, a shield falls down and extinguishes the festive torches
→ vv. 332-352: Argia asks Polyneices about his sorrows
→ vv. 384-451: Tydeus demands from Eteocles that after a year Polyneices will return to the throne, Eteocles refuses
→ vv. 467-481: Tydeus leaves in wrath after the rejection
→ vv. 555-579: Ambushed by Eteocles's men, Tydeus jumps on a rock and hurls down stones
→ vv. 580-681: Tydeus kills all ambushers save Maeon
→ vv. 690-703: Tydeus instructs Maeon, the only survivor, to announce impending war to Thebes
→ vv. 704-742: Tydeus dedicates the spoils of the battle to Minerva