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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book III: The Thebans bury the dead, Polyneices and Adrastus, stirred up by Mars, declare war against Thebes
→ vv. 1-32: Eteocles spends a sleepless night wondering if the ambush on Tydeus was a success
→ vv. 58-91: Maeon reports the failed ambush to Eteocles, curses him and stabs himself
→ vv. 121-132: The Thebans collect their dead from the failed ambush
→ vv. 218-252: Jupiter commands Mars to stir up war in Argos, he would then destroy Thebes
→ vv. 262-316: Venus begs Mars to desist, he promises her to support Argos at the end
→ vv. 345-364: Tydeus reports the ambush to Adrastus
→ vv. 440-451: Adrastus is contemplating whether to enter into war, and decides to consult oracles
→ vv. 456-458: Amphiaraus and Melampus search an omen from the entrails of sacrificed sheep
→ vv. 459-551: Amphiaraus and Melampus examine the stars and the birds on Mount Aphesas
→ vv. 598-618: Capaneus challenges the inhabitants of Argos to go to war without waiting for the oracle
→ vv. 618-668: Amphiaraus warns Capaneus of impending doom, Capaneus doubts the authority of oracles
→ vv. 678-721: Argia, the wife of Polyneices, with little Thersandros on her arms, begs her father Adrastus to support Polyneices in war, he promises to do so