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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book IV: Muster of the Argives and their allies, the Thebans conjure the Spirit of Laius, March of the Argives through Nemea where they find Hypsipyle
→ vv. 38-73: Adrastus and his troups
→ vv. 74-143: Polyneices, Tydeus and Hippomedon with their troups
→ vv. 187-213: Argia gives the jewels of Harmonia to Eripyle, the wife of Amphiaraus, who then persuades him to join the fight
→ vv. 317-344: Atalanta rides after her son Parthenopaeus, trying in vain to dissuade him from leading the Arcadians in the war
→ vv. 415-418: Tiresias offers to make sacrifices to the deities of the underworld
→ vv. 443-472: Tiresias makes sacrifices to Hecate and the furies in a sacred grove
→ vv. 473-518: Teiresia and Manto summon the shades
→ vv. 604-645: The shade of Laius is summoned and predicts the downfall of Thebes
→ vv. 652-696: Bacchus, returning in a triumphal procession, sees the Argive attack and commands his retinue to cause a draught in Nemea to stop them
→ vv. 746-774: The thirsting Adrastus asks Hypsipyle on where he could find water
→ vv. 804-812: Hypsipyle, accompanied by little Opheltes, leads the thirsting Adrastus to a river
→ vv. 816-830: In a chaotic crowd the troops drink from the river, sullying it