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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book V: Hypsipyle tells about her life with the men-slaying women of Lemnos, Death of Opheltes
→ vv. 17-27: Adrastus asks Hypsipyle about her past
→ vv. 143-151: Frenzied by a curse of Venus, the Lemnian women kill their husbands and sons
→ vv. 190-205: The women enter the city of Lemnos, celebrate a feast and then kill the sleeping men
→ vv. 287-295: Hypsipyle helps her father Thoas escape from the women's massacre
→ vv. 347-357: The women of Lemnos try to defend themselves against the Argonauts
→ vv. 445-452: The women of Lemnos receive the Argonauts as lovers
→ vv. 468-485: The Argonauts leave Lemnos
→ vv. 565-578: Capaneus kills the serpent that had devoured little Opheltes
→ vv. 588-637: Hypsipyle discovers the body of Opheltes and laments for him
→ vv. 650-661: King Lycurgus and Queen Eurydice mourn over their dead son Opheltes, Lycurgus wants to kill Hypsipyle for not having protected him from the snake